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course list

Diploma of Applied Blockchain (10849NAT)

This course is non-technical and no coding is required. The Diploma of Applied Blockchain 10849NAT focuses on the management and implementation at an operations level. 

Advanced Diploma Of Applied Blockchain (10747NAT)

The First Advanced Diploma of Applied Blockchain. This course is non-technical and no coding skills are required. The Advanced Diploma of Applied Blockchain 10747NAT is focused on the strategic planning of implementing blockchain based solutions.

introduction to Blockchain for lawyers (CPD Course)

Written to specifically assist lawyers understand what Blockchain is and how it will impact the Legal professional.  Covering basics of Blockchain, Smart Contracts, Banking/Finance/Tax compliance. Privacy and Consumer Protection.

Approved by the Legal Practice Board of Western Australia.

The Future of Finance

A 4 hours mastermind for beginners to introduce cryptocurrencies and the history of Bitcoin, Ethereum ERC20 tokens and introducing the world of tokenomics. Discussing the differences between ICO (Initial Coin Offerings) and STO (Security Token Offering). Overview of how to buy and store.

Blockchain for Executives (Education Industry)

This 2-hours course will focus on learning basic concepts of blockchain, it’s strategic impact on education industry and why does it matter.

Blockchain Advanced - Smart Legal Contracts

This 4-hours course follows up on the ‘Blockchain for Lawyers’ basic introduction to Smart Contracts with a focus on the construction industry. In this course you will learn the difference between Smart Contracts vs Smart Legal Contracts and its applications in the ‘real’ world.