our Team and Advisors

Emerging Technologies are evolving and changing every day.  To ensure TecStack stays in touch with latest research and trends in this field we seek advice from a wide, experienced, team of advisors.  These advisors are an integral part of the Core Team and are also available to clients via our workshops, coaching or consulting services.

Julia Buchholz - Founder and COO

Julia Buchholz

Co-Founder and Director

A innovation strategist with a strong background in business development, digital marketing, advertising and big data monetization within the media and technology industry. Julia has strategized and implemented the digital advertising for high profile projects and executed high volume marketing campaigns for technology projects. She discovered Bitcoin and Blockchain at the beginning of 2016 and started one of Perth's first meetup groups to teach the community the basics of digital currencies. She is also organizer of the communities Blockchain Perth and Proptech Perth, as well as co-owner of an innovative emergency technology start-up.

Abheeti Kathryn Pass Director TecStack

Abheeti Kathryn Pass


Throughout her lengthy career in education, marketing and media, Abheeti has been a regular in the public speaking arena and continues to share her knowledge on a global scale, also as emcee of high profile events. Passionate about ensuring information makes sense, and reaches the ears and hearts of people at a grass-roots level, Abheeti is particularly interested in 'de-teching the deck' so-to-speak, so concepts being explored are understandable - whether they be tech-related, money ideas, human rights or anywhere in between. She is also co-founder of Where To Shop With Crypto, the Crypto Clothesline Podcast, and most recently, has joined TecStack as COO, facilitating the organisation of events, course material, podcast interviews of top-level global and Australian experts, so as to bring a rich and fascinating personal level to the professional trainings TecStack is creating.

Emma Tobias_Square

Emma Tobias


An experienced serial entrepreneur both in the UK and Australia, Emma Tobias has deep expertise in facilitating the start-up, growth and acquisition stages of a business’ lifecycle. She is the founder of multiple Australian enterprises, ranging from 5 to 100 employees, and has taken them from start-up to $10 million in turnover. At TecStack Emma’s particular focus is on ensuring the corporate structure, commercialization and administration of the business is robust in order to support rapid growth. For the past 7 years she has also sat on the Board of a Registered Training Organisation.

Sonya Krishnan lawyer legal trainer advisor

Sonya Krishnan

Legal & Training Advisor

Sonya Krishnan was a senior government lawyer with executive level experience and a wealth of both private and public sector legal experience. After practicing at a large Perth Law Firm Sonya joined the public service managing the Legal Services Branch at DEC and as legal manager at NOPSEMA. Sonya founded her own Registered Training Organisation in 2010 and is experienced at devising and customising courses up to Diploma level.

Chinelle - Legal Lecturer

Chinelle van der Westhuizen

Advisor & Lecturer

Chinelle van der Westhuizen is a lecturer in the School of Law at The University of Notre Dame and lectures Contract, Consumer and Banking Law. She completed her LLB and LLM at the University of Pretoria in South Africa and was admitted as an Advocate of the High Court of South Africa. She completed a further Masters by Research at The University of Notre Dame titled ‘Future Digital Money: The Legal Status and Regulation of Bitcoin in Australia’.

JP Parker - Advisor

JP Parker


A global citizen at heart JP Parker is at intersection of technology and culture where game changers are gathering, igniting initiatives for positive change. Her cross-sector expertise spans the realms of strategy, innovation, disruptive tech, communications, team building and design science. Her gifts include taking the complex and making it simple to understand and articulate; prioritizing context over content; and laser focus on the essence and heart of whatever is being envisioned, designed, offered, delivered and communicated. Clarifying brand, story and messaging around a resonant core purpose is a particular strong suit.